how i do: the sock bun.

I think that the Sock Bun is officially my new favorite go-to hair-do.
Especially in this 100 degree weather we're sporting over here!
You know that feeling when you hop out of a hot and steamy shower, and it's so foggy in the bathroom that there should be a fog horn?
That's kind of how today feels.
Perfect sock bun hair day.

Happy First Day of Summer!!


  1. Happy First Day of Summer to you, too! :-) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sock Bun hairstyle! It's perfect for long hair in the summer!

    Liesl xxx

  2. I'm so glad I watched this. Your version is way easier than what I had tried before. Thanks!!

  3. I can't believe I cut all my hair off and now I can't do the blogger bun! boo. :) You look so cute