when crafty meets klutz

Top (H&M, $6), Skirt (Charlotte Russe, $15), 
Headband (handmade by yours truly), Shoes (DSW, Dr.Scholl's, $50)

I have never claimed to be coordinated. In fact, I often boast about my lack of skill, which really is pretty outstanding. But I think this well known fact about me is what caused my mama to start to giggle, as I scoured the aisles of the craft store for the perfect colors and supplies necessary to create my newest project. I have been just dying to make a rosette headband since I saw the idea on Pinterest, and thought, "Hey. I can do that!". As my mother chuckled, I smiled back in confidence, and picked out my poison supplies. Well...that gesture of confidence obviously didn't consider the fact that I'd be needing to use little tiny beads, and skinny little thread, and super sharp needles to fashion the ultimate headband. But after a bit of wrestling, a few bandaged fingers, and a whole lot of squinting, Voila! 
I now realize why coordinated people are more creative. It's not that people like myself aren't creative, it's just that showing off that spark usually causes us more physical harm than anything else. And most of the time, it turns out better in my mind. That's all.
Regardless, I was pretty proud about my little project. 
So, thank you, Pinterest for sore thumbs, headaches, and cute headbands!


  1. It did turn out really cute. I tend to be klutzy too, but mine is mostly with walking into tables, chairs, walls, tripping on stairs.

  2. i love this look!! and love how you are wearing that headband. I made a similar one and need to try how you wore it!

  3. What an adorable headband! Cute outfit!

  4. Your outfit is so cute!
    I love the headband

  5. Super cute! I'm a major klutz too, so I feel for you ;). xo!

  6. The headband is cute. I will let you in on a secret. Uncoordinated but creative people sometimes use Etsy. Shhhh.... don't tell anyone.

  7. so cute!!! i love that headband and i adore that skirt!!!



  8. just came across your blog!
    you are quite lovely.


  9. That skirt is amazing!! xx


  10. Love this post, I nominate you for the Sunshine Award :) check it out at my blog: laurarahel.blogspot.com