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This week has been SUCH a busy week! You know that feeling of panic when you wake up an hour late for work or school or something else really important, and you miss your morning date with coffee, and every little thing seems to tumble downhill from there for the rest of the day? Yeah. Well that's been my entire week.. I have never been more excited to welcome a Saturday into my life.

And likewise, I am extremely excited for you to meet Kelley: glitzy glam girl and motivational blogger over at her blog, Keep Sitting Pretty. If you haven't had to pleasure of stumbling onto her blog, just yet, rush on over to say "hello!". And in the meantime.............

What Makes You Beautiful…and How to Tap Into It

Beauty is the light that radiates from within your soul.  It’s that little thing about you, that others can’t put their finger on, that makes you magnetic.  The only way for you to tap into that unbridled beauty you’ve been carrying around in your soul is for you to accept who you are, love who you are, believe in who you are, and share it with the world.

How to Tap Into What Makes You Beautiful

1. Accept who you are.

In order to accept who you are you must first know who you are.  One of the easiest ways to get in touch with who you are is to make 2 lists.  On the first list, write down every positive thing about your self that you can think of.  Next, write down all the positive things people have said about you.  Make sure to keep a running list of positive things about yourself

On the second list, write down every “not so positive” thing about yourself.  When you are done, write down how you can change these things so that they can be taken off of the “not so positive” list and added to the “positives” list.  As you work on and conquer each thing, cross it off of the list. This will help you begin to accept yourself little by little, flaws and all.

2. Love who you are. 

With acceptance comes love.  Now that you have started the process of accepting who you are, you’re going to start loving that person you see in the mirror more and more.  Read over your lists everyday. The positive list will serve as a reminder of just how great you really are.  The “not so positive” list will keep you grounded by reminding you that everyone is a work in progress.  It will also keep you motivated to continue to better yourself.

3. Believe in who you are

Now that you’ve completed steps 1 and 2 all that’s left to do is believe in yourself.  Believing in you, means taking the necessary actions to conquer your dreams and purpose in life. This is the most important step because if you don’t believe in your ability to achieve absolutely anything, then you will limit your beauty and in turn your greatness.  Self-acceptance and self-love are a strong foundation, but self-belief is the ladder on which you will climb to success.

Remember, acceptance of self, love of self, and belief that we can do absolutely anything are the main ingredients to what makes us beautiful!

Major thanks to Alynne Leigh for letting me share this with you, her lovely readers!  I hope you all will stop by and check out my blog sometime!

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