Guestblogger: Meet Darianne!

This week has been absolutely beautiful outside. With temperatures climbing up to almost ninety degrees, how can a girl focus on homework and papers?! I'm counting down to summer with hot pink nail polish, bathing suit shopping, and lots of dates with a long spoon and delicious water ice. Mm mm mm!

In continuation with Project Beautiful, I'm excited to bring you the next guest blogger in the mini-series!

Meet Darianne:
She's a perky life and beauty blogger who's posts are full of heart, soul, and a dash of spunk!
Pop on over to her blog, Brown Eyed Life, and say 'Hello'!

How I define beauty is very simple. 
My definition of beauty isnt being the prettiest girl in the room, or having the prettiest face, hair or skin. I define beauty by who you are. Beauty comes within inside you. Its who you are as a person. 
What makes me beautiful? 
My personality. I'm a sweet, kind hearted person. I love to make others smile, laugh, and be at ease. I like seeing people happy, and if you're happy, so am I. 
 Besides physically appearance, that's what makes me beautiful.

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Alynne Leigh @ Pink Lemonade

Stay Beautiful!


  1. Great post Darianne! I am enjoying Project Beautiful Alynne Leigh:-)

    XO Kelley

  2. Cute post!! Loving this 'beauty' theme, so positive.