and your angry eyes, just in case.


This weekend, I was grumpy. Not just a down-in-the-dumps-grump, but it was an all out mad-because-the-sun-is-shining-kind-of-mood.
It started Friday night, when after calling a long list of potential problem solvers, I was unable to find a single soul to cover my Saturday night work shift. Normally, I want my hours (I literally beg for them!). But this weekend, I was invited to join friends for a lovely mustached-men-watching-hotdog-having-front-row-sitting-baseball-gaming night out. But thanks to my big-girl-bills-on-my-little-girl-budget, I had no choice but to forgo the fun, and work my life away.
The angry eyebrows really set in, though, on Saturday night when I came in to work, and instead of playing boss, I played babysitter. And if that wasn't bad enough, after looking forward to my break all evening long (with texting a certain person, in mind) every text message sent to my phone was less than three words long. (Ahem, what's the point in a text that says "Lol.", when we both know you're not really laughing?!)
And needless to say, Sunday wasn't too much better. The cupcakes sat lonely on the counter and my phone stayed hidden in depths of my bag as to avoid making those eyebrows worse.

But deep breaths. 
Because it's Monday.
And that means it's the beginnings to a new week. And better eyebrows.

Here's to not feeling like this spud, this week. 

Happy Monday!!


  1. I hope this week has enough fun moments to make you forget the weekend!

  2. Aw!! I'm so sorry! I know just how you feel and it stinks! :( Here's to a better week, and happy eyes. :)

  3. I hope you have a better week this week!