ten ways to a great day.

1. Go for walks in seventy degree weather.


2. Indulge in delectably greasy and wonderfully delicious pizza.  

3. Make strawberry banana Chobani smoothies. Mmm. 

4. Confidently parade the sidewalk in red shoes 

5. Listen to the rock-star dreams of eight-year-olds, during reading class. 
6. Populate dozens of pin-boards with inspiration. 
7. Impatiently count down the hours until the Hunger Games begin!
8. Catch up on what these lovely ladies have to say.. 
9. Energetically dance in the aisles of the department store, and get paid to do it [with style].
10. Read his messages with an uncontrollable smile that just won't go away. 

Have a Happy Week!

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  1. Sounds like an amazing way to spend a day. I love indulging in some greasy pizza. :)