Blouse (American Eagle, $25),  Floral Tank (Kohl's, Elle, $3),
 Jeggings (Kohl's $9), Boots (Wal*Mart, $7)

Sometimes I...

wish that I could pull off red lipstick.
dream that my homework would disappear.
play dress up, just for fun.
sing like I'm an Idol, in front of my mirror - hairbrush microphone, and all.
reread his letters, because they make me smile.
watch my Facebook ticker like a hawk.
read kid books, because I like them.
want to die my hair red.
sleep past eleven in the morning.
make faces when that mean girl isn't looking (because if we're going to behave like we're nine, we'd might as well go all out)
speed a bit on the back roads.
lick the ice cream bowl clean.
buy office supplies, as a stress reliever.
blog secretly during class.
grab a second piece of cake.
practice my interpretative dance moves to Adele's tunes, while cruising down the road.
snap pictures of my dinner in restaurants.
write letters I will never send.
put this song on repeat.

But only sometimes.


  1. Love this. :) We have so much in common! haha! And you look so pretty! like always.

  2. This is so creative, I love it.
    I really love your outfit. The boots are really cute.

  3. LOVE your boots! I've been looking for a pair like that forever, and your's were only $7!? I also sometimes get urges to dye my hair red, but I resist since I did it once in high school and realized that it's just too much upkeep!


  4. Okay your outfit is absolutely adorbs!! And so affordable! Which I love even more! <3

    Those things on your list are so cute too! ^_^

  5. You're gorgeous! I love this post... so cute :)

    New follower :)