dear thursday,

Blouse (Kohl's, $4.40), Black Tee (Kohl's, $4), Jeans (Thrifted, $5), Necklace (Handmade),
Shoes (Thrifted *BrandNew!*, $4), Bag (Kohl's, Simply Vera by Vera Wang, $19)

Ahh, Thursday-
Don't tell anyone I said this, but...you are my favorite day of the week. After your brothers Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday tear me down all week, you come along and make everything better: reminding me that the safety of sanity is right around the corner, and telling me that it's okay that I've waited until now to tackle the majority of my responsibilities.
You let me sleep a little longer in the morning, and stay up a little later in the evening, letting me wind down and veg-out, watching my favorite doctor drama shows. And together, we meet friends for lunch, and teach second graders, and victoriously tackle last minute loose ends.
We make a pretty good pair, you and I.
I guess what I'm trying to say is... I think I love you...
And thank you for being so awesome.
Love Always,


  1. Love the outfit! Great start to the 30 for 30 :)

    I also like Thursdays - it's not that the day itself is great, but that the promise of the weekend is only a day away!


  2. i absolutely love your blouse!!! kohl's is the best place ever.


  3. This outfit is too good...way to fashionista

  4. The color of that top is gorgeous on you! Great look!

  5. You are fabulous!! Love your blog. Newest reader!

  6. What an adorable outfit!

    I am absolutely fashion challenged - Hopefully I can find some tips on here =)

  7. You are adorable...love the bright color!

  8. such a darling outfit! not to mention the excellent hair day ! :)

  9. you are so cute! my sister just tried this shirt on at kohls yesterday. LOVE it on you. and I am in love with your purse!

  10. I feel that way about Tuesdays...don't ask me why. I think it's because it takes me a full Monday to get over my weekend blues. I love your jeans by the way-- they're adorable!

    I just started a style blog! www.whatisatwist.blogspot.com