dear heart,

Dear Heart,
Proceed with caution. I know you really like this boy man, but you need to be careful. Remember, your brain is your friend. And it's smart, sometimes. It has good ideas! Like, when to keep Mouth from talking. And when to keep Fingers from typing something dumb. Your job is to pump blood. That's it. If you keep on thumping around and fluttering every time you get a new notification, you're going to get yourself hurt. And that's the last thing we want, again.
I don't want you to think I'm being insensitive. I just care about you.
Maybe you should learn how to work with Brain. I bet you two could be a mighty fine team if you let each other have a say, once in a while.
I'm just trying to look out for you.
With love,

PS: And as I type you this letter, I got the text alert on my phone with the message: "(Hey You. I kinda like you. I kinda like you alot.)". Forget everything I just said about Brain. He's currently grinding gears up there, trying to figure it all out. Keep on, keepin' on.


  1. We're going through the same thing....

  2. Love is such a funny thing, but ya know the heart isn't always wrong! This could be the start of something beautiful :)


  3. aw you are so cute! I hope this boy you like is worthy of you!


  4. lol love is complicated!!! it's always a risk. a scary one... but you only live once.... I hope he is a good one. :)

  5. This is too cute. I love the exciting, cautious phase of love :)

  6. Hahaha, I totally get that. This is adorable, as is the rest of your blog!! Love it!

    Xoxo Lisa

  7. Love is one of the craziest coster ride's,but its ups and downs are worth it...loving ur blog:)

  8. I get that the brain and heart could make a great team!!!But mine usually don't agree so they never work together,but agenst each other!!!