real fact #1112

Dear Snapple,

You seem to have the answers to just about every question a girl could have. Under your snapple caps are the answers to everything: Every fun fact in the book, you have covered. And since you guys are the best stuff on Earth, I thought maybe you could help me out, with some of the things I've been wondering lately:
Why is it that it takes 8,000 miles, 2 continents, and 1 ocean, for two people who live in the same county to finally start getting to know each other? 
Is it possible to miss someone that you have never actually met, in person, before?
Why is it that after talking to this certain person, I get this smile, that won't go away?
Is this normal??
If I keep on smiling like this, will my face get stuck this way, like Grandma says?

I was just wondering, if maybe you had the answers to my wonderings.


PS: I'm a big fan of yours!! (:


  1. Aw. :) This is so cute!! I want to hear more! And yes, Snapple is awesome! In high school my friend would collect those snapple lids. haha!

  2. Cute post! And that's such a cool fact! Now I'm wanting some Snapple to make me smile :)

    I hope you have a great day!

    xo, gina


  3. This sounds exciting, I want to hear more :)

    I'm with you all the way, snapple does seem to have all the answers!