Pinsday: {life in COLOR!}

When the to-do list becomes overwhelming, and there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that needs to be done without pulling out our hair.
That is the moment that Pinsday comes to the rescue.
Pinsday is that day of the week, that occurs whenever you need it most. For me, it typically comes sometime between Thursday and Friday's chaos. It's that day of the week that life becomes hectic, and sleep becomes scarce. It's that moment in your day to avoid all things work related, relax, and simply Pin!

This week's Pinsday finds are courtesy of avoiding a much less exciting evening of narrative writing and lesson planning, and a focus on COLOR. Enjoy!

one.) The most beautiful chandelier I have ever seen! And that headboard? Lalalalovee!
two.) You know you can. Let go of the rest. And move on towards the better. 
three.) There is nothing more precious than this babe. I'm sure of it.
four.) I've made these frames in black, but I love the colors they used, here! Do I hear frame thrifting in my near future? I think soo!
five.) This cake. That icing. Those fabulous baking skills. Ah, I think I'm in love. Where are my oven mitts? I'm totally busting those bad boys out!

If you are not framiliar with Pinterest yet, allow me to introduce you to the most addicting, time-sucking, way of categorizing your most favorite inspirations. Click here to experience the lust. Need an invite? Shoot me an email (alynneleigh@yahoo.com), and I'll ship you an invitation right on over, so you can join in on all of the pinning action.

Happy Pinsday!!


  1. I need a pinsday! Pinterest is so addicting! That adorable cakes is calling my name :)

  2. That cake looks amazing! Pinterest does have such a relaxing effect, sometimes I can literally sit and pin for hours and hours without getting bored :)


  3. all of this is so awesome! LOVE the cake and frames especially.
    thanks for stopping by my blog! LOVE yours! xo

  4. I LOVE all of these!!! That bedroom is amazing and the colors in 4 and 5 are amazing!!!