it's in the bag!

If someone told you to describe yourself, you probably have a pretty good idea of how you would start.
{I would say that I'm a laugh-a-lot procrastinator who tends to make up her own words.}

But what if you could only use five words?
{Okay, sure! Nerdy, Shopaholic, Youtube Video Addict)

Or five items?
{Things just got a little bit tougher over here...}

So goes my assignment for this week's Children's Literature course. Fill a bag with 5 items that show what you like. That demonstrate your culture. That encompass who you are: as a student, as a teacher, as an individual. 
Now, while this seems like an easy enough assignment, my eager-for-A's little brain just couldn't contain all of the possibilities jumping around inside, for what I could possibly toss in this bag.

After hours and hours of careful consideration, this is what I came up with:

Zebra Print Bag.
Because it captures my wild side.
Is it considered cheating to count the bag as an actual item?

My Nikon.
Because I sincerely believe I was a member of the paprazzi in a former life. 

Pride and Prejudice
Because when I read this, I read in a English accent.

My little IPod
Because the songs on here haven't been updated in four years, but still manage to capture the parts of me that will never change. 
And it's history. That's culture right?

My pocket Webster's.

Because nothing is a bigger turn on than an extensive vocabulary and proper grammar.

What would be in your "me-bag"?


  1. Ooo I love this assignment! Hmmm, your right it is pretty tough though, in my bag there would probably be my planner, my camera, my ipod, gum {it's kind of an addiction}, and a healthy snack :)

    Hope you had a great weekend!


  2. I LOVE what you picked!
    And it reminds me... I've been wanting to read Pride and Prejudice. I can't believe I never have before!

  3. My iPod has songs on it from middle school.... and I still love them!

  4. Very interesting questions - i feel like i know you better already!

    I would pick one of my dogs (i love them and all animals) my camera, my smartphone (can't live without either of them!) and maybe some lipgloss (kinda a girly girl) and then leave my options open on the last item!