GTKYFB - Guest Vlogger!

Hey guys! So today, I'm so excited to introduce to you guest vlogger, Emmy, from Love Woke Me Up This Morning.

Emmy and I were two of the many bloggers who took on the first "Get To Know Your Fellow Bloggers" video challenge, from the forums of 20 Something Bloggers. The idea behind the challenge is to create a video response to a list of questions, similar to those Myspace and Facebook surveys that were so popular, back in the day! The survey asked a lot of off-the-wall questions, and it was so great to hear everyone else's responses. I can't wait to participate in the next vlog swap, but for now: meet Emmy!

If you guys would like to see my responses to some of the questions, head on over to my vlog, or Emmy's blog!
What would your answers be?

PS: Are you interested in guest blogging for Pink Lemonade? Shoot me an email at alynneleigh@yahoo.com for the 411! 


  1. Cute hoops! Simple earrings and a ring are the only jewelry I really wear, as well.

  2. You are so snappy and cute! Love it. Very sassy!

  3. You are so bubbly. I am jealous of your energy level. Also: that star on the wall looks like you are wearing a hat.

  4. You make me feel better because I've always thought adults were disallowed the privilege of going outside with wet hair :P