Awkward & Awesome

Blazer (Forever XXI, $19), Tank (Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $7), Leggings (Kohl's, $1),
Nude Clutch (Jennifer Lopez, Kohl's, $17), Necklace (Forever XXI, $6), Flats (DSW, $40)

-Trying to get out of the car at the gas station, with my seat-belt still on. Oh hey there guy-in-the-cute-car-next-to-me. I'm just testing the effectiveness of my seat-belt, here...yeahh...
-Attempting to play a killer word in Words With Friends, only to realize it wasn't my turn.
-The aversion to pants that I have developed this month. Leggings and Skirts, baby, all the way.
-Getting the "sexy wave"...........from the sixty five year old garbage man.
-The amount of soreness my poor muscles experienced after running for the first time in a long time.
-In depth conversations through the walls of bathroom stalls...
-You know you've spent too much time on Pinterest when you begin to look for a "scroll to top" button on every website you visit...

-Dads who dance and sing to their babies in Wal-Mart, like no one is watching.
-Love letters, big words, and superb diction.
-Going to the bank to make a withdraw, and coming out a lot less poor than I expected. Yay for PayDays!
-The positive effect that a perfect nail polish shade can have on your whole day.
-Homemade zebra cake.
-Beautiful flowers from not-so-secret admirers.
-Tom's Flats 

How is your week so far?


  1. haha I loved your first awkward moment. I'm pretty sure we've all done that one!

  2. haha I love the awkwards :) By the way, your outfit is so cute!

  3. Love your awkwards and awesomes. Haha! You look super cute too!!

  4. I've totally done the whole trying to get out of the car with my seat belt still on thing - classic.

    Love the outfit!


  5. I love your awkwards and awesomes!
    This is such a cute outfit!

  6. you are so gorgeous and I love the posts about awkward and awesome!! the sexy wave...classic!

  7. I'm on a pants strike lately as well! Love your blazer :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  8. you have beautiful hair... Love your blazer! <3

  9. you look so girly girly! But I think that brighter pink would fit you better, cause only then the beauty of your hair and face would 'appear'. Because now everything looks little bit smudgy. You are such a beautiful girl!!