8,000 miles


So, I usually don't ramble about mushiness on the blog. I stick to the good stuff: clumsy and embarrassing moments I have throughout the week, whatever is currently making a debut from my closet, and the delicious munchies that I cook order shamelessly for lunch.

But I'm itching to share something. But before I tell you guys about my main source of smiles for the past few weeks, I feel like you need some background knowledge:

Remember that Italian boy? Well, that's over. Think of a cute puppy dog. That barks a lot. And ran away, and got caught in the rain. Now it has fleas. Yeah, it's cute. But it smells. And while you forgive it for running away, and you still kind of like it, you can't forget that it chewed your favorite shoes. And, let's face it, nothing comes between a girl and her shoes. So, that smelly mutt with the fleas? It's going to the pound.
In all fairness, things were lovely while they lasted. I wouldn't trade our summer together, for anything. As the movie 500 Days of Summer wisely put it, "Some people are meant to fall in love, but not be together".

So,  now, months later, re-enter Handsome-Man. He had facebook-friend-requested me about a year and a half ago. He was a friend of a friend, who lived locally and she spoke of often, so I clicked 'accept'. Well, this facebook friend request lead to a facebook message, and eventually (and very casually) escalated into a few text messages. He was funny and sweet. But admittedly, I was a bit preoccupied and, unfortunately, blinded to funny and sweet.

After a few inappropriately-timed attempts for a dinner date, a texted New Year's Eve kiss, and minor flirting, "Handsome" told me he was on the schedule for military deployment. He asked me if I would be a friend and write to him, while he was gone.

It took me until January 1st of this year to write him.
You can blame it on my procrastination skills, or that puppy dog we talked about. But I think I'm blaming Fate. Because with the most ironic of timing, a few sporadic messages and a second consecutive texted New Year's kiss has turned into thousands of notes back and forth and millions of smiles from this girl, over here.

But I don't want to be presumptuous. The last thing I want to do is set my hopes high, without having an open (and realistic) mind. I feel like we have developed such a close friendship, that if nothing else, I know I have met someone who will forever impact my life. But I'll admit: I might have a crush on this one. There are plans in the works for that much overdue dinner date. But I don't want to blindly fall for his quick-witted humor and undeniable charm.

But I know that everything happens for a reason. So however this little mystery plays out, I know that it will work out for the best. I know that God has a plan, and that everything works out to His timing.

I'm not sure why it took 8,000 miles of distance to bring us together, but... I like it. 


  1. So exciting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Exciting - I think it's so great that you're up for giving love a chance, no matter how much distance separates you! Who knows, he could be THE one :)


  3. As everyone else has said, very exciting, borderline heart-warming. Hope things work out for the best! Love to hear more about it down the line!

  4. Good luck! Things always work out differently than you expect & maybe this time it's a good thing!

  5. It took my crush moving 4000 miles away for us to start talking more as well, and now he's my husband. =]