muskrat sightings - {awkward and awesome!}

Vest (Kohl's, Gift), Turtleneck (Kohl's, $8), Locket (Rummaged from Mom),
Leggings (Victoria's Secret, $10), Shoes (Boscov's, $29.99)

Do you know what's awesome? Getting a fabulous furry vest for Christmas, and finally stepping into the chilly outdoors long enough to get some wear time in!
Do you what's awkward? Knowing that your mom purchased that very vest in the little girls' department. Figures. Also awkward, is while wearing the vest, being pet throughout the day like a pint size puppy. And being told that you look like you've just killed a muskrat. That whole conversation was a little awkward...however, since the accusations came from the most handsome of co-workers, I believe it was a conversation worth enduring. ;)

Also on the awesome list this week is apple cider, afternoon naps, and paid vacation days.

How is your week, this week?


  1. My week has seemed slow, but has been good otherwise. At the very least I've felt productive.

    I think the constant petting is the thing really holding me back from getting anything furry. No thank you.

  2. LOVE the fur vest - looks great with all the black :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Love the fur vest!! Especially with your turtleneck :)

    Following you now and can't wait to see more posts!!


  4. I thiiiink this might be my favorite outfit ever. & it looks sooo comfy! Haha

    Xoxo Lisa