for your listening enjoyment

I now see why Fridays have forever been known as the best day of the week:
Sleeping in.
Delicious breakfasts.
Super fun Da- uh.I mean AnitDates.
Kickin' Zumba sessions!
(finally) a few hours at work
and lots and lots of jelly beans, via this adorable music video.

In Your Arms - Kina Grannis
Sounds Like: a sunny bikeride
Great For: a perky musical pick me up.
Run Time: 3 minutes and 25 seconds of adorableness
Repeat: it, because you know you want to.
Skip: down the sidewalk..because you can.

Anything we have known, anything we've forgotten 
In the rain, in the dark we'll lay 
In your arms, in your arms I'll stay

(if you thought this video was creative, click here to see how they made it. pure amazingness, guys!)

What's on your playlist?


  1. The song is great and I love that video. So fun!

  2. Such a cute song! Repeat repeat repeat! xxx

  3. Kina is just adorable! Perfect frolic music. :)