confessions from my closet

Necklace (Forever XXI, $1.50), Sweater (Age old piece), Top (Lauren Conrad, Kohl's, $10),
Belt (Kohl's, Grabbed off another shirt!), Jeans (Abercrombie, Thrifted, $5), Shoes (Toms, Gift)

Every girl has her secrets, and I am no exception to that truth. So, in attempts to stay true to my resolution for a bigger and better year, I'm starting off 2012 right by getting it all out on the table. So, without further adieu, the confessions, from the depths of my closet:

Confession Number One- I am a shop-a-holic. It's true! I am always in a constant state of shopping, and no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to master the art of this whole "window shopping" thing. I think I might need a 12 Step Program.

Confession Number Two- Because of this shopping addiction, I've had to search for additional space to store my wardrobe, other than the closet, and the pull-out drawers, and the dressers. To remedy the problem, I have resorted to adding a rolling rack into the mix...

Confession Number Three - When I imaginary house shop, I always count the number of bedrooms, to make sure that there would be enough for my future closet, which, naturally, would be it's own room.
Hey - a girl can dream, right?


Confession Number Four- I color coordinate my closet. And I sort it by seasons. And by style. It's the one area of my life that I really attempt to be organized in.

Confession Number Five - I LOVE shoes. I love heels...I love flats...I love boots And sneakers, and sandals, and slippers. In the interest of space, I parted with quite a few pairs, last week, during an episode of cleaning. (and I say episode because anything that involves cleaning IS an episode!) It was a sad day...

Confession Number Six - I shop in the little girls' department. Sometimes, it's difficult to find clothes that fit me in the misses or juniors sections... I can't decide if it's a blessing or a curse. While I love a lot of the styles I find, it can be a bit awkward when the eight-year-old I'm tutoring says "Hey, I have that same shirt!!". Maybe someday I'll grow...

Confession Number Seven - I have a bit of an obsession with jackets and coats. In fact, my door only opens half way, because of the amount of jackets and coats that are currently hanging  behind it. But... they all still fit...

Confession Number Eight- I refuse to part with anything that still fits, might fit again in a few years, or could possibly come back into style eventually. I think most people call this being a pack-rat, but I call it thinking ahead. ;) I actually blame this habit on my mother, who never wanted to part with our baby clothes, growing up. Her justification is that, besides their sentimental value, some of the outfits were just too cute to part with, and that someday our own little ones might be able to wear some of that cuteness. Who can blame a mom for planning ahead? Hm? Not me. In fact, I decided to take after her. Why toss it out if it still fits? What if next month, I go looking for it? Better just keep that.

Confession Number Nine - With this being said, I still have clothes from middle school. And yes, they still fit me.

Confession Number Ten- I might have a few things from elementary school...that I wear...all the time...Like this sweater! Going through some of my old clothes a few months ago, I found this sweater that I had gotten when I was six. Sure, it made it's first debut during a first grade class picture. But why should that eliminate it from the running for most versatile piece for 2012? So, naturally, I added it back where it belonged (in my closet).

Time to confess!
What's hiding in your closet?


  1. i'd love to have an entire room for my closet, too. that would be awesome. :) there's a lot hiding in my closet, including a tutu and several formal gowns, none of which I have occasion to wear...

  2. All of my old clothes are hiding in my closet back home in California, but I do love to go in and find old treasures whenever I can. That sweater looks super cute even 14 years later. Nicely done!

    Also, my dream closet would probably be the size of my entire apartment right now, and it would come complete with a lounging area as well. High maintenance? I think not.

  3. if you're getting rid of clothes, send them my way, ha! i have some very random items from way back when hidden in my closet. off the top of my head, pink corduroy pants and purple track pants...i wouldn't dare wear htem in public, haha.

  4. You know that you have great basics when you can wear the same sweater 14 yrs later! Your also lucky that you are still small enough to fit into it!

    Great styling.


  5. Super cute outfit...and that closet? GORGEOUS! My future house definitely needs a walk-in. Definitely :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Love this outfit, and the belt!

    I have a walk in now, but when we move back to nyc, goodluck with that!

  7. Walk-in closets are the best! Next step would be a closet room. Yes please!!!

  8. I dream of having a closet like the one you posted...amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you will start following. Following yours now! Cheers!



  9. I am cracking up reading that you wear a sweater from middle school. That's amazing. I still have clothes from high school, but you take the cake! haha Hats off to ya!

  10. I just found your blog and thought I'd say hi. I'm totally cracking up about your sweater! I cannot believe it!! Hahaha that is amazing. Kudos. I have stuff in my closet from like 10 years ago, but nothing more. I try to get out the clutter because, to me, it feels like extra weight that I don't need. I actually love the idea of looking in my closet and loving every piece that's in there. Not there yet...still have some purging to do, but I'm getting closer!


  11. Haha no way! I love it! The sweater looks great in both instances :)

  12. Love the awkward picture, haha. Make sure you put the button in your post, otherwise I have to delete it. :/


    - Katelyn