awkward & awesome

-The weather we're having over here. In what universe does the NorthEast Coast get warm January's?!
-Answering the door with bed-head, pajamas, and unbrushed teeth....at two o' clock in the afternoon. My bad!
-The amount of time I've spent on Pinterest today... It's borderline sad, guys.
-Text messages that goes like this: "Like sometimes you're pretty in your pictures and they don't make me want to stab my eyes out."  ...Uh, thank you?
-Joking in conversation, while having dinner with a friend, only to realize that the girls at the table behind you are not only listening to your jokes, but offering their own commentary....

- Sleeping in until 12, and having breakfast at 1. Ah, the life!
-Graduating to Geek Squad status, by successfully assembling and disassembling two printers, at work. In record time, might I add! Yes, I think I found my calling...pause, not.
-Overhearing two teenage girls discussing their disapproval of their friends' text-spelling. There is still hope!!
-Having off for an entire week! I'm not really sure what normal people do with all this free time, but I'm happy to learn!!
-Driving home, and seeing the most amazing sunset! Even more awesome: finally having my camera with me (for once!)
-Finally getting to wear those adorable nude pumps that have been hiding in my closet for what seems like ages!
-Having these for dinner. So delicious!!

How was your week?


  1. This is probably way WAY tmi but want to hear me and my husbands awkward today? 2 tweeny bopper girls talking about how they need to get to the sex toy shop and get some "deep throat" numbing cream. Holy shiz. So awkward and HORRIBLE. Those poor poor girls :(

    1. What the heck??? Teenagers these days are so outrageous... -_-

  2. Beautiful photos.. and let me just say, the weather in LA is awkward too. Why is it 80 degrees and sunny in January?! Thank you for stopping by my blog, by the way! xo


  3. On the girls who were providing commentary to you and your friends' conversation, I really hope their rudeness was addressed. Unless they were being nice and harmless, in which case all is well! :D

    You are SO lucky to not have school or work for a whole week. I have three days off from work this week, which I was super stoked about, but so far, I have been asked to come in to cover for two of those three days. :(

  4. What a gorgeous sunset! It's also going to be awesome when I can wear my more spring appropriate pumps again; they have been neglected lately.

  5. Ah, sunsets, sleeping in, crescents rolls, new pumps--all those things are just the best. As for the awkward things? Just keep smiling and move right along. :)

  6. Cute post and pretty sunset. Your blog is darling.


  7. there's nothing better than sleeping in, really.

  8. These pictures are really gorgeous... love your sunset - great wake-up :-)

    Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

  9. Great awkward&awesomes! Love that view. Your blog is super cute!


  10. nice pictures! My week is very busy.
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  11. I am just over this warm weather, I want snow dammit.

    Just not two blizzards within a week of each other, though. please!

  12. These pictures are beautiful!


  13. love your blog :)

    Found it through awk/awe thursday!
    Breanna xx