What's in YOUR Bag?

When a routine bag check at the end of a long evening at work ends with a "whoa" instead of the typical "you're good", it might be a sign that it's time to clean out your bag. At least that's how I was taking the shocked look coming from my managers face towards my unruly bag, that evening. And after a much needed organization-session, I realized that I probably don't need all of those student worksheets floating around, and maybe just one Chipotle menu could be enough to sustain my habits.
What I found in the clutter included:

1. An Extra Pair of Shoes - for those "what-was-I-thinking-wearing-these-heels-for-an-8-hour-shift!" moments
2. My Wallet - which may eventually get reprieve after the holiday season....maybe
3. Make Up Bag - which never seems to be quite big enough to fit my ever growing 'necessities'
4. Sunglasses - because they're important (only to be worn outdoors, fyi)
5. My Ipod and 'Blueberry' - the inseparable pair
6. PINK Lanyard - Only the most fashionable way to carry my identification.
7. Tums and Tylenol - Medicine for the aches and pains!
8. Gum & Chocolate - Medicine for the soul!
9. Chipotle Menu - words are not necessary.
10. My keys - the ticket to anywhere!

What's in YOUR bag??
Share your links below!!

PS: Watch the "What's in Your Bag?" Vlog by clicking here ;)


  1. I think it's so much fun to see what other girls carry around in their bags! I recently did a similar post, check it out if you want! :-)


  2. love your bag and your zebra wallet! i did something like this awhile ago! :)


  3. Ooh, like the actually bag itself! Very chic! xx


  4. Such a fun post! I'm loving your bag :) And that's a great idea with the shoes!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog--I would go back to summertime any day!

    xo, gina


  5. Whenever I clean out my bag I always have a bunch of old receipts! I try to keep my bag as light as I can because I am constantly changing bags. The only thing I have extra in my bag is hand sanitizer.

  6. Goodness, my bag does not look as nice as yours, nor do the things inside it. Maybe I'll have some time to clean it out after the holidays?

    Probs not though. ;)

  7. Ahh we just had Chipotle for dinner! Your key chain is so cute.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  8. I get all Cleopatra and like to pack my bag full of things I might need in the afterlife.

    Like a spoon, gum wrappers, batteries, 2 notebooks and 6 different pens. You just never know.

  9. you always carry shoes in your bag!!? that's awesome!!

  10. I see your blueberry! I have a purpleberry :)