pssst! over here!

Hello there! I hope everyone's Wednesday is going wonderfully!! 

Today, I'm happy to invite you over to Michaella's little fashionable blog where I'm guest blogging about my Six Minute Make-Over. 

I was feeling a little daring, with my very first video blog post, so stop on over and say hello!

Do you video blog?


  1. YES! okay well I actually haven't in awhile BUT I plan on starting it back up soon! :) So glad you made this video though its adorable!

  2. Hey dear,

    It would be a pleasure and a great help for me if you could answer my blogger-interview about the relation of fashion, blogs and journalism for my MA-thesis. It's anonym, but you can also name your blog if you like!
    It is to find on my blog!

    Thank you in forward,