making a list, and checking it twice

Every year, Christmas Eve always consists of the same routine: cooking in the morning, baking cookies throughout the day, watching every holiday film known to man, and, of course, the Oh-Snap! last minute shopping. That's right...I have been known to procrastinate my entire holiday shopping list until the very last possible day year after year, without fail. I am just that good.

But this year it's different! This year, I've attacked my list little by little, and I am proud to say that after plenty of coupon-clipping, price-matching, and Black-Friday-battling, I have officially completed my holiday shopping list!! And it's not even Christmas yet! Woohoo!!

I've picked up some sparkly festive boots and a music note necklace (both from Kohl's). I've also picked up some manly cologne, a tangerine tote (filled with delicious goodies), as well as some nerdy additions for the lovable dorks in my family. Also on the list were holiday movies (can you guess which, from the picture?), and gift cards to none other than the wonderful Starbucks! For some reason, I even found my new favorite Essie polishes and a cute sweater in the shopping cart, this season. ;) (I wonder who those could be for?)

Are you all finished your shopping, this season??
What are you most excited to give this year?


  1. Ugh. I still have so much shopping to do. Why am I such a procrastinator?!?! I'm excited about giving my boyfriend chocolate covered potato chips. He loves candy and weird food, so I think he'll be excited about it. :)

  2. LOVE that nail polish combo! i so want to paint my nails red and gold... but i'm soo lazy!!

  3. I got my shopping done early this year, but made the mistake of going to the mall the day before yesterday to have Apple look at my iPod. Totally not worth it.

  4. Gotta love last minute shopping! :)