the light at the end!

Sweater (Gift), Ruffle Tank (Charlotte Russe, $6), Jeans (Thrifted, $5)
Chanel Style Bag (Gift from Grandma), Cheetah Flats (Wal*Mart, $10)

After a long fifteen weeks of late nights, thick textbooks, and lengthy lesson plans, I am excited to announce that I have survived, and am officially one semester closer to having a classroom of my own! And as of today, I am one day closer to having an entire month of sleep, social events, and bliss (more commonly known as Winter Vacation)! 
To celebrate the excitement, some of the girls and I took our accumulated stress out on fried foods and over-sized deserts, after finals today. And let me tell you guys, it felt good. Just shameless calories and no studying. When I get home, I might even take a nap.
This, my friends, is what you call living on the edge!! 

What are your plans, this winter break?


  1. I love your ruffled shirt and chanel bag. :) congrats on finishing the semester!

  2. ohhh noo you have the bag that i´ve been looking for ages!!!!!!!!! woul you gift it to me for christmas :D ???? hahahahhah.


  3. I have that white shirt in red. It's so cute and I love the way it hugs my curves. You look cute!

  4. I'm totally coveting your Chanel bag!


    If you like vintage, I'm hosting a dress giveaway on my blog. Hope you will stop by! (Third post down)


  5. I love how so many bloggers are posting about the end of the semester.. definitely a relief for many of us!

    I love your outfit. The little white top is precious!

    My plans for winter break are to work a lot to get a little more money in the bank, work on my blog, and sleep as much as possible. Because Lord knows when January comes, that is not happening!

  6. you are soo cute!! i love your top and bag!!

  7. You look gorgeous..Love the red shrug you are wearing!!!
    BTW, came thru your blog via IFB! Welcome to the community:-)