dreaming of a white Christmas

Sweater (Thrifted, $3.50), Leggings (Victoria's Secret, $10), Owl Necklace (Charlotte Russe, $4), Key Necklace (H&M)

Despite our best efforts, no amount of ice cubes in the sink, spoons under our pillows, or snow dances around the living room, could change the weather man's mind to bring us a snowy wonderland, this Christmas. In fact, we haven't been lucky enough for any of the magical weather this season, at all yet! How is a girl supposed to embrace the season with hot chocolate and oversized sweaters, without snow to set the mood?!
It's a good thing this girl doesn't need an excuse to cozy up on Christmas! I was so excited for the cliche opportunity to wear the warmest things in my closet, that I didn't even mind that it was practically bathing suit weather outside (..okay. maybe it wasn't quite warm enough for the suits, but it was hardly holiday-appropriate!).

So instead of the sledding or snow-man-making, we built Gingerbread houses modeled after what we wish our yard had looked like, this year. Yes, we used a kit. And, Yes, we are still awesome.

How was your holiday?

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord" - Luke 2:11 


  1. Had a great Christmas, thanks for asking. Love that sweater. Looks so cozy!!!!

  2. Love your sweater! I never have white Christmases either, it just rains a lot. Got to make the best with what you have though, right? :)


  3. You looked adorable in your Christmas outfit! I'm in love with sweaters this season, and yours is so gorgeous! xxx

  4. What a gorgeous ginger bread house!! We didn't make one this year sadly, guess we'll have to wait until next christmas!
    JS xx


  5. I now have a sudden craving for Gingerbread related treats.

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    Love your blog! You are too cute!
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