Dear 2011,

You and I have been through a lot together...and I sure am going to miss you. I mean, yeah, we had our rough patches, but to be honest, you kind of impacted me, and thanks to you, I know that I will never be the same.
Because of you, I lost everything. I lost my direction, my plan for Life, and, frankly, I lost my mind!!
But because of you, I gained more than I ever thought I would. I gained an appreciation for the hours between 3 and 5 am, where the majority of my day's tasks were accomplished. I also gained an appreciation for sleep, however infrequent it may be.
In you, I found my sense of style. I found passion and I found my best friend. 
Because of you, I found direction.
I did things I never thought I would. Because of you 2011, I went places that I only dreamed of visiting. 
2011, you changed my life. And I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you for everything.
I'll always remember you,

So, I've always liked the idea of setting goals, for the new year. But, the problem is, I'm horrible with "New Years Resolutions". In fact, I sort of hate them. BUT, when I was blog hopping around, I stumbled on this 12 by 2012 list, over at Jessica's blog, and I loved it so much, that I had to do my own rendition of it, this year: sort of, my Anti-Resolution-Resolutions for the New Year. So, without further adieu, here is my "bucket list" for 2012!

1. Successfully complete a 30x30 challenge 
2. Sew a DIY T-Shirt Skirt 
3. Figure out HOW they take pictures like this (and, of course, take my own)! 
4. Finally get a grip on my Facebook friends list. Because let's face it, no one really has 782 friends. 
5.  (Learn to) Cook dinner, all by myself (without burning down the house!) 
6. Stay in a Bed & Breakfast, in the middle of nowhere, just for fun. 
7. Run a mile (It's not so much that I'm lame..I just pretty much lack motivation) 
8. Do Something Nice .. like a Random Act of Kindness.  
9.  Decorate the Christmas tree (I always seem to miss decorating day because of work...=[ ) 
10.  Go to a NFL game. 
11. Go Camping, and rough it! Like without a hairdryer or makeup. Okay..I'll probably still bring the makeup.. 
12. Spend a whole day reading books.  
13. Go on a picnic. 

What's on YOUR list??


  1. You have a point of Facebook friends!

    I really want to do a triathlon next year which means I have to get my butt in shape.
    My husband is also deploying so I am vowing to make the best out of it, hopefully travel a few places and experience things on my own.

  2. Love your list. Cooking more often is definitely on mine as well as taking dance classes again. I hope you have a happy new year!! Love the blog, new follower here. Hope you can stop by soon.

    xo erica

  3. Thanks for your comment sweety!
    Really liked your blog and I'm following it, please follow mine as well:)


  4. #3: Camera mounted on a tripod with a really slow shutter speed.

  5. Picnic, dinners, books..those little things are the ones who makeus happier..so i´m gonna put a lot of them on my list!

    Happynew year!


  6. Love your list! Can't wait to see you check everything off over the course of the year!

  7. I loved the letter you wrote to 2011! And that list is awesome. I really want to do a 30X30 in 2012, too! And stay at B&B. That would be so much fun, I just have to convince the hubs to take me :)

    Happy 2012!

  8. LOVE picture. long exposures. don't worry they are my best friend. check them out on my blog! www.thriftyfinevintage.blogspot.com