And there's glitter on the floor

I am a DIYer. Whatever the feat, my motto is "I can do it myself"! I love bargains and saving moolah, and quite honestly, what part-time working, college-paying, clothes-shopping-addict has spare money to get her nails done every week? Not this girl! 
But right around A's prom time, I decided to splurge and get acrylics. After all, it was a special occasion, and who am I to argue with an excuse for a little self-treating?
I decided to go for the white tips; they give off a great faux-french look. And when I decide I'm ready for a change, I can paint over them without fear of looking like a crazy five year old who got into the finger paints, if I mess up (and I will mess up)!  
So yesterday, I decided to go for it - I took a chance and picked up the paint!!

I used Essie polish in "Vanity Fairest", Wet n' Wild in "Silvivor", and Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in "Kaleidoscopic". 

What about you? What's your favorite thing to DIY? 


  1. Love nail polish and playing with different designs on my nails. I am a new follower of yours :)

  2. Very cute! I was just contemplating how to paint my nails next. :)

  3. I am the opposite of diy when it comes to clothes and art. I can hang a picture like no ones business, even straight, and even form concert (yeah don't ask) but sewing, painting my nails etc. I just have no talent for it. I do paint my own nails because I can't afford to get them done and always make a mess.

  4. I looove that silver polish with the glitter! Very cute!

  5. So gorgeous, I love all nail polish with glitter! xo

  6. cute! I think you did a fab job. I am the same way, a penny pincher. Who doesn't want to save their hard earned cash? I know I do! It helps you be creative right?