Home Sweet Home :)

Do you know what's even better than summer road-trips? 
Birthday Summer Road-trips! :)
The other morning, I woke up super duper early to finish up some last minute packing and start my lovely commute to visit my Cute Italian!
I was all set with my delicious road-trip snacks, new blackberry device, and plenty of bags of goodies in the backseat, when I departed for my adventure! You name it, I brought it. Sunscreen? Check. Bug-spray? Yep. Clean underwear in case of an accident? Yes Ma'am! Camera to snap amazing pictures of a fab trip? Ummmm....
That's right. I brought everything I could possibly ever need. With the exception of my trusty camera. 
I'm awesome. 
But at least I got to practice using my new blackberry phone camera. And trust me- I needed the practice.... (They're not lying when they call them "Smart Phones!" It's so intimidating!!!!)

I got to stay in this adorable bed and breakfast for the night. It was fabulous! It had such a collection of eclectic artwork, everywhere- which was amazing...with the exception of the Van Gogh paintings. For some reason, his eyes seemed to follow me....everywhere! Which was slightly creepy. But everything else was wonderful. I didn't want to check out the next morning, yet alone wake up! But the complimentary breakfast was a definite bribe.

They even had a cereal bar! :) Can you say adorable?

During the trip, my Fella's mom surprised me with the sweetest birthday surprise. She had decorated her dining room in honor of our special days (his graduation and my birthday) with adorable balloons (that I wish I got a hold of before their kitty did) and deliciously sweet cake (that we completely devoured!). 
She also surprised me with a "European Travel Journal" for our possible trip to Italy next summer, and the cutest travel bag, for when we go. And she got me Nutella. Because I'm obsessed. :)
And I would love love love to show you what the Fella himself picked out for moi, buuuut it's getting sized. So you'll have to wait. :)

The best part of all of this birthday bliss, though, was coming back home to celebrate with my family. They were cooking up some trouble when I was gone-surprising me with my future hubby's book:

We are getting married.
He may or may not be aware of this....
[if and only if my Cute Italian fella doesn't work out.. ;) ]

I also came home to the BIGGEST cupcake known to man!
That's right! If you thought SAS cupcakes looked big, prepare to be amazed:

It was HUGE.
And I enjoyed everyyyy bite!

One word: Delicious. 

How was your week? :)


  1. Wow, that is one huge cupcake! Haha, looks like you had a great time! Happy belated birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!! What a marvelous time you had! I'm jealous of that cupcake!!

    Thank you for following my blog <3 I tried following you but blogger won't let me, I shall try again later!