Mm, Mm, Mocha!

Boyfriend Sweater (Urban Outfitters, $40), Black Tee (H&M, $6), 
Jean Capris (Thrifted, $5), Saddle Shoes (Urban Outfitters, $20)

Everyone has a "cool aunt", right? The aunt that lets you sneak the cookie dough out of the bowl or introduces you to the power of early-bird-sales. My cool aunt didn't do either of those things. Aunt Dani* introduced me to the power of a good cup of coffee. But it wasn't just any old cup o' jo! No. That day, she introduced me to MOCHA JO!
I was eight and we were at the local Dunkin Donuts. I had my Boston Creme doughnut. And she had the, now classic, mocha coffee coolada.
From that sip on, I was sure of one thing. No matter how crazy my morning will be or long the day has been, one thing will always save me from it all. And that is my buddy Mocha.

And with that, the timeless phrase was spoken, 
"Mocha!!! It makes me...MOCHA!!"

Yep. I was one weird kiddo.

*coolest aunt ever!!


  1. Love this post :) Whenever I encounter a vocal coffee-naysayer I just tell them, "You don't know what you're missing" :D Love your shoes too by the way!!

  2. woah, i guess i'll try it out :) i love your shoes!



  3. cool aunts are the best. love the outfit too :)

  4. cute!
    and thanks for your comment x


  5. LOVE those saddle shoes! Too cute!!
    Following you now! Would love if you'd follow me back. :)