I'm such a REBEL.

I'm not a risk taker.
I'm one of those play it safe, stick with what you know, boring kinda gals.
No white after labor day? Okay!
Cowboy boots must be worn under the jeans? You got it!
I rarely go outside of the house in sweats and I never pair a brown belt with black shoes.
I play it safe.

But ladies and..more ladies, those days are over!
Alynne Leigh officially for once in her little life took a RISK!
And she feels like such a rebel.

Maybe it will become a regular thing??
Or maybe not...

Well, either way, the rule I chose to break this weekend was mixing plaids and stripes.

There is a method to my madness!
These two tops are definitly both in my favorites category. And I feel comfortable wearing them both.
So I figured, Awesome+Awesome really could only equal More Awesome, right? Right!!
In addition, CuteBoy has rocked a similar combo before (when I was much more closedminded and my reaction was "whaaaaat is he thinking??"). In hindsight though, he might have been onto something. ;)

Here's a snapshot: A little mush for you Monday! Why not, right? :)

Yeah. His shirt. He's got style.

So there you have it: My one act of rebelliousness in my entire life.
And I'm kinda proud.


  1. Taking the risk was totally worth it. This look looks soo good. I love your hair, you look so cute :)

  2. Loving the plaid!

    Monique xx


  3. Breaking the rules when it comes to fashion can give you the best styles. Love what you mixed, cheers to takin a risk :)

  4. I love the plaid and stripes! And the mushiness. =)

  5. That looks sooo cute! Love it, keep taking risks!

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