In Other News...

Jean Jacket (Apt.9, Kohl's, $20), Polo (H&M, $6), Jeans (Kohl's, $6), Chucks (Kohl's, $40)

Awkward -
- Having cute boys teach you how to make Ramen noodles...because you've never made them yourself before.
- Making a wrong turn on the way to the mall, not once, not twice, but three times!!! (Because of cute distraction in the passenger seat...)
- Showing up to class ten minutes late because you couldn't decide what to wear...
- My puppy Pepper, and the surprises she leaves me...everywhere. Gross!
- Looking for my hairbrush for 385705 minutes....only to find it exactly where I left it 385705 minutes ago.
- Needing more tortilla to go with my cheese quesadilla.
- Having your stomach growl allllllll weekend, but not  being able to eat due to immense happiness from previously mentioned adorable distraction.
- Taking a 26 picture photo-shoot, and realizing that only two of these pictures turned out semi-almost-slightly-presentable. Ew!
-Not being able to recieve incoming texts because you have too many locked cute ones. And you have erase. But against your better judgement, you can't!!

Awesome -
- Spending 3 whole days with the cutest boy I know ;)
- Snow days. With no snow!!!
- Getting to be the big boss at work, last weekend. :) Yahooo!
- Scoring some amazing deals and spending less than twenty bucks at the mall!
- Finishing up allllll of my midterms for this semester. Which means only 2 more months of classes, before graduation!!!
- Matching plaid shirts (Ah, I remember when I was...five!)
- Making When mommy makes chocolate chip pancakes for me after class.
- The shrimp at Applebee's :)
- Boys that smell good. Yep. Awesome. :)

A Little Bit of Both -
-How much my cheeks hurt from nonstop smiling and giggles this whole entire weekend.

After a mini vacation from reality and the world of blogging, I realize that as much as I try to come up with awkward and awesome things about life this week that don't involve a really cute Italian boy, it's pretty much impossible. It's awkward, that everything awesome this week basically centers around him.
So, I'm really really sorry.


  1. u look cute!
    and haha! cute boys do make things better :)


    follow me, please?


  2. Hello..cute casual outfit..Im coming to your blog from Sydneys..Im a new follower (or lemonhead, hehe) too cute!
    Love your super cute casual outfit too!

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