Awkward & Aweome!!

Jean Shirt (Wal*Mart, $1), Blouse (Kohl's, $8), Jeans (Thrifted, $5), Boots (Wal*Mart, $7)

- Rummaging through my closet for the jean jacket shirt that I haven't worn in forever only to remember that I donated it to the thrift shop, months ago. :(
- Always forgetting that I can't drive  in these boots!!
- Needing a cosigner to apply for an auto loan, not because of credit, but because of the part-time status of my job. Oh, and having an independence oriented dad who would like to see me get my car without his signature. Even though I can't. Because I need a co-signer. Blah.
- Accidentally butt-dialing. And butt-answering (which, let me tell you, is substantially more awkward!!)
- Being tagged, along with 50 other people, in a facebook photo of something silly and getting dozens of notifications that don't pertain to you, because they're all about a photo of something silly.
- How excited I was for Grey's Anatomy night, only to be abruptly let down by reruns of Off the Map .

- Finding this amazing jean jacket shirt on an unexpected Wal*Mart run for only ONE DOLLAR! Yep; one buckaroo. ;)
- Planning spontaneous weekend trips with mama!
- Amazing ten dollar jeans from Charlotte Russe. :)
- New episodes of Private Practice!! (I'm such a doctor-show-addict)
- College acceptance letters..they're pretty awesome.
- Going to Chipotle for the very first time!!! Think counter service meets Heaven. Heaven meets burrito. Burrito meets my taste buds. Hallelujah!!
- Having TWO whole days off for spring break to do whatever I please! 

Happy Friday!!


  1. I love doctor shows too!!!! I get so mad when it's a rerun!!! Sorry about the car issues, dang loan requirements!!!! have an awesome spring break!!


  2. haha can't say that i've ever butt-answered...but I have butt dialed, while talking about things that random people don't need to be listening too haha. awkwaaard. But sounds like you found some good deals! love the outfit!

  3. haha I can completely relate to butt dialing! I purse dial and answer so much! And as for the obscene amount of facebook notifications for a picture you don't care about...yeah story of my life!

  4. awahah, butt answering. I love it!! and that jacket-AMAZING find! sa-weet!
    Ps-giveaway over at my blog!

  5. Ok, you are gorgeous girl!!
    I've been hearing about this Chipotle..definitely need to give it a try!
    And I hate any kind of loan.. booooo!

  6. Ug, i have went I'm tagged or comment on something and then get a ton of random notifications. I don't want to turn those off, b/c usually I want those notifications..

    Cute blog. :)

    Meggy from Chasing Davies