Eye Sea Ewe!!


Awesome - Arby's curly fries!!
Awkward - Getting caught playing with my food by the cute Arby's-boy behind the counter
 More Awkward
- My bangs (not to mention my face!) in those pictures. Woah!!
- Attempting to do hot and sweaty exercise in a heated gym.
- How long it takes to burn 100 calories by walking... it's just not fair!
- Hearing the phrase, "I'll be righta back. Here, talka to my mama!" on Skype from cute Italian boy. Yeahhh....
- Facebook friend requests from mentioned mama. And multiple amounts of girls that happen to "friends" with cute Italian boy. Ahhh!!!
- How much sneezing I've done today..
- Using napkins as tissues because you need to go shopping :( eew.
- Walking outside on windy day college touring with my very bald dad and hearing him say, "This wind! It's messing up my hair!", Hoping that cute Italian boy who happened to be touring with us didn't hear the silly comment, and Turning around to sneak a peak, noticing his awkward and polite laughing, and realizing that, yes hunny, he did hear that. Awkwardddddd.
- That silly "Truth is..." game that bored college students play on Facebook statuses.
- How much I've mentioned Facebook in this one post... I think it's becoming clear that I may have a new problem that needs dealing with...

Even More Awesome!!
-Touring a possible transfer school with the cutest boy ever and my daddy.
-Eating amazing brownie waffles....Mmmmmm!!!
-Chinese fooooood!! :)
-Being able to sleep and be a complete bum for the past two whole entire days. :) It's been more than awesome. It's been amazing.
- The fact that this new Beastly movie comes out one...two...EIGHT days!!

- The fact that cute Italian boy is coming for a visit in one...two...NINE days!!
- Over due lunch dates with amazing friends. And the funny accents we do when we think we're alone. And the funny looks we get when we realize we're not. :)
- Cute "truth is" messages that just so *happen* to appear on my Facebook wall.
- How much Facebooking I've done this week!

Yeah, it's official... I have a problem!!


  1. I just posted that trailer to my blog haha! Similar tastes! I love chinese food too. And this post makes me smile :)

    xo, gina

  2. I also have a random question: what are you majoring in or studying at college? thanks!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! You definitely need to try Chipotle. It's heaven in the form of a burrito!

    I just transferred colleges, so I know that the process can be tough. Sounds like you're really excited about! Hope it works out for you! :]

  4. Hi Alynne, thank you for visiting my blog :)

    Aaaw, that movie is a must see. For us girls that is ;)

    And I totally agree on the fact that it's not fair how much you have to do in order to burn 100 calories. Hmph.

  5. Facebook can definitely be a problem, because it's the biggest timesuck ever. I can't count how many times I've logged in "just to check my messages" and gotten sucked into the world of photos and status updates for over an hour. Eek!

  6. I think it's safe to say you aren't alone in your Facebooking problem. I need to find a Facebook anonymous myself.
    As for your bangs, so cute, not awkward one bit!

  7. Thanks for visiting us on girls gone bloggin.
    The awkward comment your dad made is so funny =)

  8. Haha my friends and I do the same thing! We act like goofs in public and think we're funny...in reality most people probably thing we're idiots! But that's why they're my friends.

    Thanks for the comment C:

  9. aww <3 your pics with the curly fires are so cute hahaha! :)

  10. You are a cute little cutie. I appreciate your cutness. And curly fries. I've never used them as an accessory, but I can definitely see the merit.

  11. those pictures made me giggle...i've never used curly fries as a pair of glasses before, so applaud you for embarking on unknown territory haha! hope your cute italian boy calls back:-)

  12. I totally have a facebook problem too. Seems like all the time I should be studying is spent on FB. Thanks for checking out my blog, happy to be following yours now and can't wait to read more :) xo, Kels

  13. Thank you for the comment on my blog! I have a facebook problem as well.

  14. hhahah I love those first 2 photos. and LOVE the daybook. she's addictive! loved your A&A moments. cutie bloggy!

    I'm doing a giveawayish :)


  15. Very funny list! I love how Facebook and the very cute Italian boy keep popping up!

  16. Your bangs look fine! Awww brownie waffles sound AMAZING!!! I love Chinese Food too.....within reason =)

    Cute blog! Found you from the awkward and awesome thursday blog hop. xo