Workin' on a Wednesday

Blouse (Thrifted, $2), Belt (from another shirt, $0),
Skirt (Thrifted, $3), Knee High Boots (Rugged Warehouse, $20)

I recently voted on a poll, asking "Does your clothing style reflect who you are?". With the options being a Negative, a wishy-washy maybe, and a definitely, I placed my vote in the "for sure" column. While style is ever changing, and will always be a work in progress, I feel that what I wear is a definite reflection of who I am as a person. Being in my own skin, and my own clothes, should be refreshing, and show the world who I am, in a snap shot. The silence of style screams volumes at the world. For me, I believe this idea should hold true both in the casual day-to-day setting, as well as in the workplace. I feel that despite a company's relaxed atmosphere or flexible dress code, associates should dress as they want themselves, and the establishment they work at, to be represented.
Dressing up doesn't have to cost a lot. With this being said, I shelled out a whopping $25 buckaroos for everything I wore today! The most expensive being my boots, which I've worn sooooo many times, I hardly think they count as an expense!

What does your closet say about you?


  1. I think my closet says I'm girly and like to be meticulously organised! ;)


  2. Hello Alynne, it's lovely to meet you. :) My closet, hmmm...well, I think it says I have eclectic style. I love skirts, scarves, long earrings but also super casual at times and dressy every once in awhile. Maybe it says I'm mixed up.:)

    By the way I am a huge Audrey fan...noticed the picture on your side bar.

    Hope you have a fabulous evening and a great weekend!


  3. Hmmm, my closet definitely says that I LOVE and value comfort. Whether it's taking the time to try on millions of high heels to see which ones don't hurt or owning a lot of leggings, stretchy pants, and looser fitting tops, I HAVE to feel comfortable. That's not to say that I don't care because I do, I just feel more relaxed and confident when I also feel comfortable :)

    I love your outfit btw! Great post altogether.

  4. i love your thrifty angle! thanks for voting in my poll :) i definitely love having a unique, affordable wardrobe myself :)

    ms. style bones