Wonderful Weekend {day 18}

Turtleneck (Kohl's, $6), Vest (HandMeUp), Dress Slacks (Kohl's, Free by using Kohl's Cash),
Necklace (Aeropostale, $3)

Knee High Boots (Rugged Warehouse, $20)

It's that time again, folks: time to start off the week, bright and early, with a smile and a mug of coffee, as we skip off to work and school. I hope everyone's weekend was fabulous!!
Over the weekend, Gina featured Pink Lemonade on her adorable blog, Anything Imaginable. I absolutely love her creative posts and and stunning sense of style! She's has definitely become one of my daily reads. Be sure to check her out, so that you can become addicted, like me!
In other news, I spent the majority of this weekend writing application essays, catching up on homework, and working at my favorite department store.

 What did YOU do this weekend?


  1. Thank you for mentioning me! I totally agree with you about Kohl's; it's such a good place to shop! And I see you got some lovely things from there in this post :)

  2. i love your outfit! it's so classy :)


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