Hey Luce, I like your.....swetah! (day 11)

Sweater (delia's brand, thrifted, $3), Turtleneck (Kohl's, $3), Pearls (Kohl's, $4)
Jeans (Thrifted, $5), Converses (Kohl's, $30)
Unfortunately, no amount of my anti-snow dances could stop the flakes from falling, this afternoon. Thank goodness I have off, and don't have to drive too far, today. And, on the bright side, it's finally appropriate over sized-sweater weather-my favorite thing  probably the only thing I like, about the season! :)
Okay, so it's not the only thing. Having an excuse to snuggle up and watch great movies all day is also a bonus to being snowed in. While You Were Sleeping is definitely on my list of ones to watch today (4 minutes and 27 seconds in...awkwardddd). And drinking hot coffee and cocoa all day is a plus too. Okay, Okay - So maybe the snow isn't soooo bad, after all. Either way, happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone else is staying warm!!

PS: I'd like to give special thanks to this girl, right here for taking some wicked pics, today! You go, sister! :)


  1. Love the outfit today - it is very cold weather/stay at home comfy kind of outfit. Cant wait to see tomorrows!!!