A Little Awkward - and a LOT of Awesome (day 6)

Sweater (Tommy Hilfiger Brand, Thrifted, $3), Pinstriped Blouse (Aeropostale, $12),
Jeans (Kohl's, $6), Saddle Shoes (Urban Outfitters, $20* Splurge!)

Sydney from The Daybook (loveeeee her blog!) invited us readers to participate in the oh-so-wonderful Awkward and Awesome Thursdays!

I just love that word: "awkward". No joke, I've been using it religiously over the past few weeks in just about every situation. It seems that everything that happens to me has at least *some degree of awkwardness. Even the way I say the word is awkward, apparently (as I was informed the other day at work). Ironic, right? Or maybe that's a little awkward too... Hmm..
Either way here's a ltitle list of some of the awkward (and awesome!) moments that happened, this week:

- Having an Awkward and Awesome Thursday...on a FRIDAY!
- Jamming in the car to the best song ever at the red light, only to spot a car full of kiddies parked next to you staring you down like it's their job...
- Coming out of my room in my skibbies and then hearing the phrase, "*ahem* your dad is home"....
- Showing off mah super girl muscles by picking up a 109570 pound toaster oven at work, and then tripping over my own feet sending said toaster oven into the air and onto the ground. Ooops!
- Getting lost in a parking garage...that only has three levels. :/
- Sitting in the drive-in at Sonic on a semi-cuteish date and recieving a very public text message from the exbf. Hm..
- Doing a rockin' parking lot photo shoot, only to zoom in later on the pics and realize I had something in my teeth.. Ew! Special thanks to everyone I talked to that day, for (not) TELLING ME!!!
- Getting funny looks from holiday shoppers during this photo shoot. Niceee.
- Answering the HOUSE phone with a cheery, "Thank you for calling (place of employment, here), this is Alynne, can I help you?". I realized I spend waaaayy too much time at work.

- Having an Awkward and Awesome Thursday...on a FRIDAY!
- Rediscovering old songs I liked ten years ago and putting them back  onto my pod of the eye. (Like this one!)
- Being able to pick up that 109570 pound toaster oven! Woot Woot!
- Visiting Sonic two days in a row this week. Gotta love it!!
- Finally coming up with a new years resolution!!
- Jalopeno Poppers. Need I say more?
- Sleeping past noon. Two days in a row!! I'm such a bum - I totally love it. :)
- Finding out that I don't have to take this uber long test that I was semi-freaking out about in order to graduate!! :)
- Getting my internet connection back up and running (oh, how I've missed youuu)
- My puppy Pepper finally getting her cone off. It's been a loonnnggg two weeks!

Awkward & Awesome
- Having a skype date with someone you've known foreverrrrr but never *actually seen face to face, before. Slightly awkward....but VERY awesome. :)

I hope everyone is having an AWESOME Friday with minimal awkwardness! :)


  1. ha - this is cute! and your puppy is adorable!!

  2. Mmmmmm, Sonic! And I'm totally jealous of your sleeping past noon days! Great list! :)

  3. You are cute! Thank you for coming by my blog! Follow or come back soon, I will continue to do my awkward and awesome every thursday as well! Cute puppy!


  4. love the word awkward too! LOL. glad to see your pup is doing better :)

  5. I love that bag,especially paired with the rest of the outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too when you have time.


  6. hahah I loveee the daybook! I just did the list thing too. I love that your fist awesome and awkwards are the same :) because they so do fit into both categories quite nicelt