I love Thursdays!! {day 15}

Scarf (Wal*Mart, $5), Long Sleeved Tee (Kohl's, $5),
Jeans (Delia's, $40), Boots (Kohl's, $40), Coat (H&M $40)

Thursdays are by far, the best day of the week. They consist of:

- sleeping in.
- having morning coffee.
- catching up on Grey's Anatomy.
- thinking about homework I should be tackling.
- having afternoon coffee.
- running errands.
- mid afternoon naps
- actually looking at the homework that I should do.
- putting that homework away.
- blogging.
- going out for a coffee date.
- watching tonight's episode Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice
- sleeeeeeeping.
- bliss.

I love Thursdays.


  1. I ADORE this outfit! I've actually been wanting a new pair of white jeans because my old ones don't fit as nicely.

    I love thursdays too; they're my tv nights too.

    xo, gina

  2. i so wish we had an h&m in Texas. we always have to wait until we visit ny to visit an h&m
    cute outfit!!

  3. glad you had a great thursday...great outfit!

  4. Great outfit. And oh yes - Grey's Anatomy!

  5. i adore your scarf! i've been getting into scarves a lot recently. thursday night = my jersey shore night! hahaha