Happy New Year!! DAY 1

Sweater (Urban Outfitters, $40), Sparkly Tank (Wal*Mart, $3)
Pencil Skirt (Forever XXI, $9), Boots (Rugged Warehouse, $19)

Yes, I procrastinate horribly. BUT I'm coming through this time! As promised, I am to not repeat an outfit for a whole year, startingggg NOW! I would like to thank my lovely work establishment for loaning me their parking lot for a very public and awkward photo shoot, and my mama for taking some killer pics, despite the glances (which were more like peculiar stares) from confused strangers!
At work today, after dealing with returns from plenty of mean old people (okay, so they weren't old. but they were definitely mean!) I was dating a receipt and I realized: today is 1-1-11 !!! How neat is that? I wonder how many people are getting married today, to have an awesome anniversary date?
Here's to new beginnings, BIG resolutions, and cute outfits!
Hope your new year is fantastic!!

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