Day 13 :)

Sweater (Kohl's, $8), Necklace (Forever 21, $6),
 White Tank (Forever 21, $3), Jeans (Thrifted, $5), Boots (Forever 21, $18)

Now that I have officially been rescued from a bleak and blogless existence, I have lots of snapshots to share! Today's snapshots seem like a blast from the past, being almost two weeks ago. But, nevertheless, I present to you Day 13 in all it's prolonged glory!!

It was slightly less freezing than usual when my photographer (aka the best mom ever) decided to go outside for some picture-snapping. It was still cold enough to wish I had my jacket that I left....someplace. You know the phrase "you'd lose your head if it wasn't attached"? Well, I think whoever started that trend had me in mind, because I lost just about everything a girl could lose throughout the course of today. First off, I couldn't find my camera (the new one? that i spent about every penny to my name on? that i just purchased? yeah. that one). Turns out, I left it in the car. Good spot in -10 degree weather, right? ;) Then I couldn't find my purse. Then I couldn't find my coat. And to top it all off, I lost my cell phone. Guess where I found it? On a rock. Yep. That's how cool I was, today.

It's going to be a fabulous week. I can tell. :)


  1. So cute this outfit!! lovee it


  2. I love your jumper! Cute outfit :)
    I'm a new follower - I saw your post on 'does size matter' from IFB and thought I'd check out your blog!

    Love it if you followed me back!

  3. Cute! I love the sweater & everything you're wearing is very affordable!