On My Playlist...

Oh, Dashboard Confessional, how I love YOU! There's a tune for every mood; lyrics for every occasion. Since I heard their song "Hands Down", turning back was hopeless: I was addicted. In fact, I rushed to the library to grab their old CDs and raided my friend's Itunes libraries for what I couldn't find. Any way I could get it, I got it. I am a Dashboard Junkie. This CD in particular is perpetual summer, drunken youth, and sleepy Sundays all wrapped up and tied with a makeshift bow.

Sounds Like: a summer road trip.
Great For: tuning out the world.
Run Time: about 42 minutes
Repeat: Get Me Right
Skip: nothing!!


1. Get Me Right
2. Until Morning
3. Everybody Learns From Disaster
4. Belle of the Boulevard
5. I Know About You
6. Alter the Ending
7. Blame it on the Changes
8. Even Now
9. The Motions
10. No News is Bad News
11. Water and Bridges
12. Hell on the Throat

Lyrical Snapshots
"I don't mind the rain. If I meet my maker, I'll meet my maker clean."
"Don't turn away, dry your eyes. Don't be afraid, keep it all inside."
"When the follies of your weekend hang like smoke onto your clothes... I know about you."
"If this is chemical, then I am not afraid to be bound to the impulses of science."

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  1. Never heard of them before, I think I'm going to have to check them out :D
    Happy New Year