Homework and Sock Monkeys

I am guilty!

I haven't been 100 feet near a blog in over a week...two weeks, maybe, and for this sin, I am incredibly sorry! With this semester of school wrapping up with finals and BIG projects (that I've admitedly procrastinated on) I've been drowning!! :(

BUT, I am here to say that these are the last few days before I have an ENTIRE month off from paper writing and equation solving. With this being said, the outfit challenge will begin in T Minus 2 weeks! (It doesn't make much sense to begin in the middle of the month, now does it?)

In other news, black friday came and went, but not before we could buy the cutest sock monkey hats!
Even my gramma liked 'em:

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. ahaha, those hats are SO cute! and good luck with finals to you too!

  2. AND - those hats are super cute ! you just needed one more to complete the set : hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. ;D