While going door-to-door may be a thing of the past, Halloweekend definitely still had its thrills and chills! To get in the spooky-spirit, I tried my hand at making Halloween popcorn balls, this year. I'm not sure if you would classify my cooking under the tricks or the treats category of the weekend, so I recruited my sister to give me a hand! I'll admit, some turned out a little more..spherical..than others. But they were fun to make, nonetheless. :)
The Ingredients

A little bag of BIG marsh mellows, about (10oz)
9 Cups of Popped Popcorn
1 box of Jello Mix (Optional)
1/4 Cup of Butter/Margarine

What to do:

First, pop the corn; we used air popped, so it was a bit difficult to judge how much we were popping until afterwards. Needless to say, having enough popcorn was not a concern. ;)

After you measure out your nine cups of movie-munching goodness, set it aside.

Then, melt the butter in a pan over low heat. Once the butters all liquidy, toss in the mellows, and stir until melted.

The Jello Mix (which is used to add the Halloween color and flavor) goes in next. Mix well. Then, pour the mixture over your popped popcorn, and toss lightly.

 When it's cool enough to touch, coat hands in butter and quickly roll into popcorn balls!

This would be what they're supposed to look like...

Side note: FOLLOW THE RECIPE. Extra marsh mellows can't hurt right?

Umm... Right??
After the festivities, I was voted makeup manager for the trick-or-treaters. I agreed, but only at the cost of their night's collection of Reese's Cups (my guilty pleasure).

Overall, it was a great Halloweekend, filled with lots of popcorn and peanut butter. What could be better? :)

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