Organize My Life!!

I am, by far, the most disorganized person I know. I have to admit, that with my files always folded and my drawers in a constant state of clutter, it takes extreme skill and constant effort to become as disorganized as I am. To achieve the level of chaos that I have come to accept in my life, you just need to follow these easy directions:
Step One- Collect Clutter
No matter if it's crumpled, cracked, or just plain useless, scarf it up! A truely entropic girl  never underestimates the power of clutter.
Step Two- Never Say Never!!
So what if that last-season sweater hanging in your closet is a dust-bunny colony right now? Fashion goes in cycles, and you never know when it'll come back "in"!
Step Three- Be Creative
Thinking outside the box is crucial to being a Queen of Clutter. Whether you're thinking up excuses for losing your homework (poor Pepper can only be blamed so many times) or figuring out where you left the remote, creative thinking is the only solution.

The steps are easy, and the rewards are incredible. The biggest perk of being so disorganized is how completely unpredictable each day will be. I can gaurentee you, you'll never be bored. Now, I know I have you all convinced to convert to Disorganization, but, when justifing the lifestyle to my mother, she showed much less enthusiasm. In fact, the look on her face almost scremed disaporval....although, I can't seem to understand why. But nevertheless, she was determined to help cure me of the "disease", so last night, she presented me with the key to organization: A PLANNER.

With it's stylish sayings and wild cheetah-print, this little baby will be my new BFF. ;)

          The post-it's were my favorite part: Classy and chic, I can't wait to stick them all over everything!!

So, while I may not be committing myself to a life of organized time or crime, I'm definitly taking a step in the right direction. I'm a work in progress. But, in the least, it'll be a walk on the wild side!


  1. i LOVE to be organized but fail to find the time to be organized! lol

  2. Haha. I agree!! I think there needs to be extra day in the week..just for catching up!