Living Life, One Boot at a Time

When purchasing shoes, it's necessary to ask yourself two very important questions:

1. Do they match anything in your closet?
If your new kicks wouldn't coordinate with any outfits you already own, chances are, they'll have the tendency to be pushed under the bed more often than pushed onto your feet.

2. Can you walk in them?
If you couldn't, even after extensive "hallway runway" practice, walk more than a few steps in the prospective new shoes without fumbling over your feet, you're probably better off purchasing a more practical pair.

If the answer to either of these questions is not-quite a "yes!", then, as difficult as it may be, I put the shoes back on the rack.

Now, of course, I interrogated my shopper-self when I caught sight of these bad boys. And while their seven dollar clearance sticker may have made my answers slightly biased, I answered yes, and quickly made my purchase! It wasn't until I wore them, recently, however, that I realized I failed to consider one very important concept to my shoe-wearing: "Can I drive in these?".
I learned the answer quite quickly after jumping into my oh-so-stylish minivan and, in attempts to avoid yet another you're-tardy-for-class-again-look from my professor, I squished my gas pedal to the floor. Only it didn't do very much squishing. You see, these very stylish boots fail to bend at the ankle, which means when driving I have the option to go about 12 mph, with my foot barely on the gas, or about 85 mph, with my boot squashing the life out of what may have been a gas pedal at one point in time. Unfortunately, getting a ticket was not on my list of things to do before going to class, that day, leaving me only one practical solution: driving one-booted.
In order to save my tush from being incredibly late, and the other driver's sanity from my slow driving, I was left no other option than to take off my fancy new kicks (or at least the right one). With lots of luck and plenty of prayers, I made it to class on time and in one piece. But I have learned a very important lesson:

When purchasing shoes, it's necessary to ask yourself THREE very important questions.


  1. As a husband I have to add a fourth question: Do they cost as much as a car payment? If so, they should probably go back on the rack :)

  2. haha I wouldn't have thought of the driving thing either! Maybe stores should come with a test driver seat b/c I imagine that's a pretty common problem with big boots and high heels.

    Btw thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. I love, love, love the boots! I am a boot/high heel shoe lover...I keep an extra pair of practical (gag) shoes in the car for driving...just in case. : )


  4. Of course, at seven bucks it would be hard for anyone to complain about the price.