The Dog Ate My Homework...Really.

Most of us have experienced those few seconds of panic between when the teacher asks where our homework is and the delivery of a quickly invented excuse as to why we do not have it. For some reason, blaming Fido seems so convenient, even if it is not so believable. Last night, I decided to tackle a very much postponed science homework. I pulled out my books, papers, and pens and got settled in to knock it out. But, then my stomach started talking to me, and I reasoned (admittedly another tactic of my procrastination) that I couldn't possibly get anything accomplished before grabbing a bite to eat. So, leaving my homework defenseless and unattended, I wandered away...only to return to find a crime scene in the making!

The culprit:

The crime:

Taking a bite out of Physical Science

She was undeniably caught in the act! And, as if devouring my science book wasn't enough, after being sent back to her bed, a few minutes later, she struck again-creeping up on by school bag and snatching out even more homework to munch on!

So much for my rubric...

After a bit of wrestling, I was able to recover my papers in mostly one piece. But when my professor asks about the bite marks, I will be able to give only one response: "My dog ate my homework".

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