Killer Ways to Boost Your Self Confidence

Confidence is a highly coveted, yet often elusive feeling. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, by unless you have self-confidence, it’s impossible to believe that about yourself. By creating an impossible standard of beauty, the media has made this much worse. Magazines tell us that our bellies should be flat, our booties round, our hips curvy, and our thighs thin, despite most people not being built that way. If you’re struggling with your confidence, here are six things you can do. 

Take Care Of Yourself
Feeling your best is difficult when you’re sick and exhausted. By getting plenty of sleep and eating nutritious foods, you will fuel your body, making it strong and powerful. Exercise is also highly beneficial, as it triggers the release of chemicals, which fight feelings of stress and improve mood. To maintain glowing skin, stick to a skincare routine, and drink lots of water. 

Hold That Head High
Good posture is the hallmark sign of confidence, making you appear sure of yourself even if you don’t feel it. That being said, research has shown that standing tall and straight will help you to feel more confident too. When you walk around as if you’re angry or stressed, with your shoulders slouched and body hunched over, you make it easier to think negative thoughts. 

Wear A Happy Smile
Just like standing tall can trick your mind, smiling does too. Regardless of your mood, wearing a happy grin will make you feel happier overall. The trouble is, many people avoid smiling as they’re embarrassed by their teeth. If this sounds familiar, contact a cosmetic dentist, like Walden Dental. Whether you want crowns or an entire smile makeover, you should do what you need to. 

Switch Up Your Look
Disliking the way you look doesn’t necessarily mean that you look bad. More often than not, the issue lies with boredom. If you’ve had the same look for quite some time, then you should try making a few changes. Whether you pick a different hairstyle or buy a new outfit, you’ll see the benefits right away. Even small changes, like a new bag or pair of shoes, can make a difference. 

Pick The Right Friends
Even on the days you feel confident, a single negative comment can bring you down. This is why you must surround yourself with positive people. While you can’t pick your family or your work colleagues, you can choose your friends. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known somebody; if they have a habit of making you feel bad about yourself, then you should cut them out of your life.

Be Kind To Others
As important as it is to be kind to yourself, it benefits you just as much to help other people. When you do a good deed, whether it be volunteering at an animal shelter or holding a door open for a stranger, it will give you a feeling of self-worth. You’ll instantly feel better about yourself, which will help you to become a more confident person. 

If you’re struggling with your self-confidence, try following the tips above. 


Fashion That Makes You Comfortable

Fashion is a bit of a hit and miss topic. There are those of you out there that are just so in tune with their fashion, and know exactly what's on trend now, and even if it isn't on trend, you can throw something together and look amazing. For those of you who know this applies to you, then getting comfortable with your fashion is so much easier. No matter what you're always going to be able to find something that you like. But then there are those of you who struggle to understand what's going to look good, and when it comes to comfortable fashion, it's a real grey area. Comfortable fashion ends up becoming too relaxed, and then you feel like you've gone too comfortable to look good. A vicious circle that means you can't help but feel self conscious. But it's not everyday that you want to be putting a ton of effort into your looks. Sometimes you just need those days to feel nice and relaxed, not really caring what you wear, but still feeling as though you look good. So there are a few things that you could do to help you feel this way, and we've got an article full of tips that can help. So keep on reading, and see if we can get you feeling comfortable.  

Find Your Right Size

This is a good starting point if you actually want to feel comfortable, because too many of us go on the wrong sizes and it just doesn't work. So many websites have different size guidelines, yet most of us usually go the normal sizes such as 8,10,12,14 and so on. But one websites 12 could be another websites 10, and boy is that going to make you feel self conscious. So it might be time to think about the actual sizes that you are. So get your leg length measured, your waist, your chest. When you do this, you're getting the exact measurements that you know your size is going to fit, so that you can then find which actual size bracket you fit into depending on your measurement. It's a trick that literally nobody thinks about, instead we complain about sizing and how we wish everyone would just have the same size. So now that you know your true size and you know what your style is, it's time to think about some comfy additions to your wardrobe that will always look great.

Comfy Style That Always Looks Great

So with the comfy look, you don't want to be putting jeans and a nice top on. Whilst this is a great casual look, skinny jeans are not always the best option for just relaxing around the home, running errands, or even going for a meal when you can't be bothered to make a lot of effort. So the solution here is leggings, and they're truly underrated. Patterned leggings, plain leggings, you can get them all, and they can be used in all sorts of outfits. Patterned leggings are perfect with a nice big oversized jumper, a mens one if you can, and just relaxing around the home. Mens jumpers are just so much comfier than women for some reason, and perfect for those Sundays where you can't be bothered to get off the sofa. When you go out, leggings with a nice jumper is just as good of a look. If you really wanted to, you could even wear a nice pair of boots with them. The stretch of leggings is perfect, they're so versatile, and if you don't have a few pairs of them now, it's time to get buying!

Pushing Your Fashion Boundaries

So from relaxing, to keeping it comfortable but pushing your boundaries a little bit. If leggings and skinny jeans are as far as your attire goes, then it's time to introduce you to another world. So smart trousers are the next best thing. You can either get wide leg fit ones with a thick cotton material for comfort, or you can get straight leg ones for those times where you want to look a little more sophisticated without losing the comfort. A turtle neck jumper would complete the straight leg look perfectly, and a bodysuit would suit the wide floaty leg. Still both perfectly easy to style and fashionable, but it just switches things up a bit from the usual that people go for.

So hopefully we've given you a few ideas that should not only improve your comfort in clothes, but help you feel more confident wearing them!