The Accessories Every Girl Needs

What does a gal need to feel confident and look her glowing best? A snazzy outfit and consistent skin care are two factors, in feeling your best. But what about accessories? These often overlooked aspects of an outfit can make everything come to life and can contribute to a stellar overall style. Below, we take a look at some of the essential accessories that every woman needs to have. If you’re missing any, now is the perfect time to add them to your wardrobe!

A Go-To Handbag

If there was an item of clothing that you’d wear every single day, you’d make sure it looks good! But if we're being honest, most of our wardrobe staples only come to out play once in a while. Our handbag, however, is something that is practically always with us! I never leave home without it. Because we always tote it around, it’s worthwhile finding out that speaks to our sense of style. We don’t always have to gravitate to an expensive handbag option, but is important to take a little bit more time to find one that’s right for you. It’ll be with you for years, if you get it right.

Subtle Jewelry

While we might not always wear jewelry every day, there are times we do want to have a bit more sparkle. This is the perfect time of year to take inventory and consider adding a bit of sparkle to your jewelry box. There’ll be times when you’re wearing an outfit that just needs a little bit of something else, and you’ll have the perfect thing to add. 

Winter Options

Winter can be complicated but it does make getting dressed pretty warm and straightforward. (I keep telling you.... sweaters on sweaters on sweaters!) It sometimes feels like we’re hiding under our coat for months on end! But really, who wants this anonymity?! Spice it up with some of those winter accessories, such as a scarf, gloves, and hat. Since we are going to be wearing them for so many months, I think it's a good excuse to buy or knit a few sets; it’ll help keep your outfits as fresh as the weather.

Living in the Modern World

In this modern world we live in, we always seem to have our tech gear in our hands. I've been considering adding a new phone case to my collection to show off some style -- visit Casesalamode.com, and check out their stylish marble cases! I'm also considering investing in a pair of these most stylish headphones? They’ll look much snazzier than Apple’s standard issue set. 

On the Wrist, On the Waist

Finally, all wardrobes could benefit from adding a nice watch, to spice things up. This is something that’ll stick with you for years, if you’re lucky, and will become a staple part of your look. A cute belt is also a great way to enhance your style - around blouses, dresses or pants!


Hair to Be Proud Of

Everyone’s hair is unique to them. While we all have our daily go-to's, a lot of us probably haven't thought deeply about our routine - just doing what we always have done or making mistakes that lead it to look greasy, when we head out of the house.

The truth is, the techniques we use each day can affect the overall health and condition of our locks. So, it’s time to start being a little more aware of our hair’s needs and begin making a little more effort to take care of the hair that we have. Here are just a few steps that you can take to achieve this and make your hair a feature to really be proud of!

Take Protective Measures

The majority of us do not realize how much damage we cause to our hair on a day to day basis. Here are a few protective measures that you can take to reduce breakage and damage on the whole!


Now, you may never have even considered wearing a wig before, but wearing a wig can really give damaged hair a chance to recover. My sister, who often bleaches her hair, just recently invested in a snazzy read wig to wear throughout the fall season. And let me tell you - she looks great! Not to mention, wigs are a great option for the indecisive amongst us who want a different style every week or day to day. Alternatively, they can be worn if you prefer hairstyles that would require regular use of heated styling products, to save your natural locks, or if you prefer a color that would damage your natural hair significantly (like my girl's excessive bleach use!). In short, wigs are a great option for those who want specific hairstyles but want to maintain their own luscious locks at the same time. Human hair wigs tend to be more natural looking and can be styled a little more easily. Just make sure to check where the hair is sourced to ensure that everything is ethical!

Heat Protection Spray

If you are going to use heated styling products on your own hair, it’s important that you invest in a heat protection spray. This will generally be sprayed onto your hair before using the heated styling products and will provide a protective barrier between your hair and straighteners, curlers, crimpers, and other products.


Another method that can protect hair is braiding. By braiding your hair, you reduce the amount of hair that comes into contact with day to day things that usually brush against your hair. It also immobilises hair strands, structurally strengthening hair. Braided hair also requires less frequent brushing, which reduces breakage in general. There are various different styles of braids out there (Hello, Pinterest!) so it's easy to do a little research and see which styles will best suit you. Pro tip: Make sure that braids are not too tight when they are put in, as excessively tight braids can prove to be extremely uncomfortable.

These are just a few steps that you can take to protect your hair and keep it happy and healthy, making it a feature to be proud of!