Fun Ways to Instantly Transform Your Look

Are you in a bit of a style rut? Maybe you’ve been dressing the same way for a decade or have never really branched out with your look. Perhaps you’re going through a breakup and want to start from scratch by changing your appearance, or you might just want a fun way to express yourself. Either way, transforming the way that you look can be great for your confidence and your mental health, or it can just allow you to try something new. Here’s how you can go about it.
Change your hair colour
One of the most dramatic ways to instantly change your appearance is to change your hair. If it’s always been long, try a short style. If you usually wear it short then experiment with extensions. If it’s light you could for darker and if it’s dark you could bleach it lighter. You could try a fun colour like a bright or pastel shade, or just wear it in a different hairstyle to what you normally would. It could be straight, waves, curls, crimped, an updo if you usually wear it down, or down if you usually wear it up. If you want to make a change without making a commitment, you could go to a wig shop and purchase a wig instead. Lace front models look very realistic if you want a natural look. Otherwise, a simple wig will give you an idea of how you like a colour or length on you and you can try it out before making changes to your real hair. 
Try a new makeup look
Makeup is a fun way to switch up your look- with techniques like contouring and highlighting, smokey eyes and different lip shades you really can make a significant difference to your appearance. And best of all it’s completely commitment free, if you don't like it you can simply wash it off. There are loads of tutorials online for all kinds of looks and techniques so have a play around with your products.
Experiment with fake piercings and tattoos
Piercings and tattoos can look ultra cool and bring a bit of a different vibe to your overall appearance. But they’re a big commitment, and something you should think about very carefully before going ahead. Consider fake sleeve tattoos and clip on piercings and see how you like them, they will give you a general idea of how you’d look. 
Get some new clothes
Finally, a new style of clothing can make you look like a completely different person. If you usually dress quite plainly then why not go with something really different- you could get some dresses and try a girl girl look, or go with a punky/ goth type vibe. You could try a sporty look or a vintage look, there are tons of ideas on sites like Pinterest to give you ideas.


Defining Your Favorite Facial Features

We all have features that we love. For some, it is the eyes, other’s lips, and some ‘when my head is tilted slightly to the left and down.’ What makes you feel good deserves to have more time and care paid to it. There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to show off your favorite features and define them a little more too. 
Photo by Zip House Design on Unsplash


People have been contouring for years. And there are recommended ways to get the best of your features. You can create a stronger jawline, a higher cheekbone, and a super snatched nose with the right shades and techniques. If you are new to contouring, there are a lot of great YouTube tutorials like this one by Wayne Goss


It doesn’t matter if you have fuller lips or thin ones that you love and want to make the most of. There are a few looks that you can go for. The Classic look is where the cupids bow, and the fullest part of your bottom lip is lined with a lip pencil. The next one is for a fuller look where the entire lip is lined, and in some cases, overdrawn depending on where you want the fullness to be. To accentuate the bottom lip, a slick of gloss in the middle works well. If you’re going to make even more of a statement, you can contour your entire lip. A simple light gold pencil line drawn just under the fullest part of your bottom lip catches the light and makes the lip appear even fuller. 


There is a lot of fun you can have with your eyes. From eyeliner and lashes to getting your brows microbladed like the images here https://www.binasbeautybar.com/microblading-services/. The quickest way to define your eyes is to darker the socket with a darker tone of whatever eyeshadow you are using. A soft brush with a defining point will allow you to tuck color in the socket. The outer corners blended out will lengthen your eyes. Of course, the cat flick eyeliner is a classic that servers to give shape and make eyes appear more prominent. A light shimmer in the inner corners brightens your eyes and makes them look much wider. A slick of lengthening mascara will complete any look in seconds. 


The shimmery dust of joy. Highlight has had a long moment in the sun. What started as a light shimmer now comes in a range of colors, and some highlighters (Fenty, Jeffree Star, Revolution Beauty) give you a lot of bang for your buck. Typically you will highlight your brow bone and cheekbones. But the trend to lightly dust the tip of your nose, cupids bow, and a bit on your forehead is going strong. Wherever your face naturally catches the light. 
You can have a lot of fun defining your favorite features, using new techniques or old classics. Just remember that you always want the best canvas - face cream and water is non-negotiable.